In every person there is a voice and in art there is a chance for those voices to speak and be heard. My art is my chance to tell my story, to create out of experiences in my life and the world around me, and to inspire others through manifesting what inspires me.

I want my art to live with people and be useful. That is why most of my work is first and foremost functional. The goal is to attract people by the function and aesthetic of the object, to invoke a desire and a curiosity. A desire to have the object close, to explore the images through touch, use and contemplation, and a curiosity to create a story or a personal understanding of the images, the patterns and surface decoration. Influenced by the dada and surrealist spirit, I use chance in the creation of my compositions in order to create patterns of images without dictated meanings.

My images come from the ultimate fight between the imposed structure and the chaos underneath: city skylines and dandelions, brick walls and burning tires, streetlights and a murder of crows. The women I draw with lines thick and thin are all resistance fighters, my heroes, who struggle(d) to find a way to create change, real change, deep change, true change. I want to make objects of inspiration that speak of resistance. Resistance against the status-quo; the hierarchical society of false races, sexes and classes; the mono-culture of consumerism and profit; the civilizing force of democracy; the injustices of colonialism and capitalism.

“The smallest act in the most limited circumstances bears the seed of … boundlessness, because one deed, and sometimes one word, suffices to change every constellation.” – Hannah Arendt.


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